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Who is to blame for end of shuttle program?

ap_fldm101_space_shuttle.jpgAs Cape Canaveral prepares for the final shuttle launch this morning, a pair of political operatives are debating the downfall of the program.

Democrat Steve Schale, the chief of President Barack Obama's Florida campaign, says his former boss extended the program for two flights after former President George W. Bush announced the final flights.

Republican Kristy Campbell, who helped run Mitt Romney's communications during the 2008 presidential campaign, said Obama killed the replacement program, implying it was disingenuous for Obama administration officials to be at the launch.

Here is their Twitter debate this morning:

@kristymcampbell: After killing shuttle program, Obama sends half of Cabinet to final launch MT List of VIPs in attendence

@steveschale: might want to check facts on shuttle. Bush killed it in's flight is because extended 2 more trips

KC: Why is Eric Holder at the Atlantis launch? Shouldn’t he be busy trying terrorists for white collar crimes in U.S. civilian courts?

KC: Yawn. Tired Dem talking points. Obama killed replacement program. Ask KSC or space contract employees who they blame.

SS: specifically you said in reference to Obama after "killing shuttle program"- simply not true.

SS: as for replacement, investing billions in R&D to move out of lower earth orbit towards Mars.

KC: Candidate Obama 2008: I will...ensure that our space program doesn’t speeding the dev. of the Shuttle’s successor

KC: Candidate Obama 2008: "sure that all those who work in the space ind in FL do not lose their jobs when the Shuttle is retired"

SS: GOP House didn't approve Space Coast workforce $$ & W wanted to ditch ISS into Pacific in 2015, meaning no humans in space.

SS: on upside, there is bipartisan support for growing the commercial sector and allowing NASA to do what it does best: explore

KC: welcome to the econ development/aerospace agenda introduced years ago.Doesn't excuse lack of clear NASA plan from Pres

SS: Billions for commercial development and retooled mission to go beyond the Moon isn't a clear plan? Sally Ride says it is.

KC: John Glenn says it's not. Why aren’t you guys for privatization/private enterprise when it comes to earthly endeavors?



[Last modified: Friday, July 8, 2011 11:24am]


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