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Will orange juice boycott keep Fred Karger off the Fla primary ballot?



Fred Karger, the obscure, longshot Republican presidential candidate, called Buzz to ask what we're hearing about the Florida GOP's plans for the Jan. 31 presidential preferance ballot. Today's the day the the state GOP submits names for the presidential ballot, and Karger - who's on the New Hampshire ballot - said he's had trouble getting a firm answer from party officials.


Communications director Brian Hughes was non-committal, but he did note that Karger advocated a boycott of Florida orange to punish Florida for setting its primary for Jan. 31 in violation of party rules.

There are plenty of other longshot candidates running, from credible - former Govs. Gary Johnson of New Mexico and Buddy Roemer of Louisiana - to less credible - Andy Martin and Jimmy "the Rent is too damn high" McMillan. The GOP has broad leeway to decide, and Karger noted that in 2008 Alan Keyes made it onto the ballot.

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