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WSJ: Romney should have said he did not believe in 'makers' and 'takers'



The Wall Street Journal today published a "draft" speech (to clarify, this is a fictional take by the Journal) from Mitt Romney in which they envision him delivering his point about government entitlements in a far differen fashion than he did at the May 17 Boca Raton fundraiser.

"You've probably also heard some people—some even in my own party—divide Americans between 'makers' and 'takers.' As if half the country wants to live off the other half. I've never believed that. That's no different from the kind of divisive politics that the President practices when he pits the wealthy against everyone else," Romney says, according to the draft.

"We want a society in which one person's success lifts everyone else. The job of government is to create the incentives and opportunity so everyone can become a maker. But too often government wants to take more from Americans so it can make more Americans dependent on government. That's when we lose our way, and too many Americans lose hope that they can work and prosper."

Writes the Journal editorial page: "No doubt there's more, sitting in the PC of some young wordsmith in Boston who's working for Mr. Romney. Somebody should sneak it past Stuart Stevens. Surely a man as smart as the former CEO of Bain Capital can give a better speech on taxes and dependency than he delivered at that fundraiser. If he can't, he'll lose, and he'll deserve to."

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