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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Crist says Floridians are dying because of Rick Scott's Medicaid decision



UPDATE: Scott campaign respond with a statement from John Thrasher: "Charlie Crist is coming unglued. Is the heat from his association with convicted felon Scott Rothstein getting to Charlie Crist after it was revealed that he may have sold judges in exchange for political contributions? Comparing opposition to any policy to homicide is crazy and irresponsible."

Charlie Crist asserted on national cable TV today that six Floridians die each day as a result of Gov. Rick Scott's failure to expand Medicaid, a "tough allegation," as Daily Rundown host Chuck Todd put it.

"About a million of my fellow Floridians are not getting health care today and I am told by friends at SIEU (he likely meant SEIU) that means six people in Florida die every day as a result of that. Every day," Crist said on the MSNBC program.

A study has shown that expanding the program could help 1.3 million Florida residents who are now uninsured. But Crist steps it up considerably. Other than naming the union, he did not back up his claim. Some studies, including this one, have concluded that people would die without health coverage.

"Wait a minute," Todd said. "So that’s a tough allegation. You’re saying people are dying and it’s the fault of not expanding Medicaid?"

Crist: "That’s right. Well, think about it. It’s not a very - It’s not a stretch at all."

Todd: "I’m saying that’s a tough charge."

Crist: "Of course it is."

Todd: "You’re accusing Gov. Scott and the Republican Legislature, not expanding Medicaid is leading to more people dying in the state of Florida?"

Crist: "It’s not hard to figure that out. It's common sense. Look at it. If people are sick and they aren’t getting health care, what happens? They usually get sicker. or they die. I mean those are just the facts, Chuck."

Scott's campaign is preparing a response and this blog will be updated.

[Last modified: Friday, February 7, 2014 1:08pm]


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