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David Jolly only Republican to vote against new committee to investigate Planned Parenthood



U.S. Rep. David Jolly, R-Indian Shores, was the only Republican to vote against the creation of a new committee to investigate Planned Parenthood.

Jolly, who is running for Senate, explained his vote on Facebook. "I strongly support investigating these allegations but voted against today's measure for one very important reason - we simply don't need a new special committee to do the job Congress is already sworn to do," he wrote.

"There are currently three House committees investigating this matter, engaging in document requests, receiving testimony from Planned Parenthood personnel, reviewing troves of information, and committing taxpayer resources to this most important effort. Like millions of Americans, I believe the alleged actions by Planned Parenthood executives are both heartbreaking and shocking, and these allegations deserve a swift and thorough response. As such, I have authored legislation to fully defund taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood but retain full funding for critical non-abortion women's healthcare services through community health centers and similar providers. I have likewise voted on multiple occasions in the past weeks to prohibit any taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood until current investigations are completed.

"I will continue to fight alongside every American who believes in the precious sanctity of life to hold accountable anyone who may ultimately be determined to have broken the law. And I will continue to work tirelessly as a Member of Congress to advance legislation that protects life and that encourages a culture that values life.

"However, I believe in smaller government, not larger. And as someone who believes in smaller, more efficient, less costly government, I consistently argue against attempts by the current Administration to expand government, create more bureaucracy, and obligate taxpayers to redundant and duplicative expense.

"Congress should hold itself to the same standard. A new committee would simply create additional bureaucracy and more expenses to investigate a matter that is already under investigation. It’s the type of thing that only Washington could conceive.

"We should always look to streamline government, not expand it. And the bottom line is today's decision unfortunately fails that most basic conservative principle.

"Simply put, because three panels currently have jurisdiction to investigate, we do not need to create a fourth."

Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy, running for his party's Senate nomination, blasted the vote as a partisan waste of taxpayer money. 

"Planned Parenthood cares for millions of women every year, providing vital health services, including thousands of breast exams that are key to early detection in the fight against breast cancer," Murphy said. "Yet in the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, extremists in the House are actually trying to make it harder for women to access this lifesaving care. The majority should stop wasting taxpayer dollars in their relentless attack on women's health."

[Last modified: Wednesday, October 7, 2015 6:49pm]


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