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Dismissing Rubio as 'zealot,' Wasserman Schultz blasts him for latest immigration comments



Seizing remarks Sen. Marco Rubio made to a conservative publication, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz today accused him of trying to plot another government shutdown and that the move proves the fellow Floridian is “just as much of a zealot as we’ve known him to be since he first ran for the U.S. Senate.”

At issue is this from Breitbart News:

Rubio added that he thinks if the president carries through with this threat, the Senate will undoubtedly go Republican in a major way in November.

“I think if he makes this decision before the elections—it’s him conceding control of the Senate,” Rubio said. “If you take an executive decision of this magnitude, politically it will be disastrous for Democrats in a number of key states around the country. So I’m interested to see what ideas my other colleagues have to address this when the debates come up about budget and spending. There’s a handful of Democrats that would probably be supportive of a reasonable approach to addressing an executive decision or prevent one from happening.”

Democrats say Rubio is advocating for a government shutdown, a tactic they’ve already accused Sen. Mitch McConnell of floating.

“Let’s take a walk down memory lane ... (last year) Marco Rubio and his allies Ted Cruz and Rand Paul spent their summer ginning up support for a risky plan to gut Obamacare or cause a government shutdown,” Wasserman Schultz said on a conference call with reporters.

The South Florida Democrat ripped him as spending the summer “bear-hugging” the tea party, which turned against him as he championed comprehensive immigration reform. "He's trying to rebuild his tea party street cred and he's willing to rip the whole economy to do it."

Rubio spokesman Alex Conant denied Rubio was seeking a shutdown:

"Just like impeachment before, the only people talking about shutting down the government are partisan extremists like Debbie Wasserman Schultz who are looking for a way to raise money and divert attention from the failed presidency of Barack Obama,” he wrote in an email. “All Senator Rubio has called for is for Senator Reid to allow votes on Republican solutions to the immigration catastrophe our nation faces. Let's be clear; The only thing Senator Rubio wants to shutdown is Harry Reid's tenure as majority leader by winning a Republican majority this November."


[Last modified: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 6:25pm]


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