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Does Marco Rubio trust Hillary Clinton with the nuclear codes?



Marco Rubio tried his best to avoid a direct answer to a direct question: Do you trust Hillary Clinton with the nuclear codes?

“You know, I think the argument goes deeper than that when it comes to her. And that is, what kind of foreign policy will she pursue and where will it lead us ultimately to make decisions like that dramatic as the one you just outlined?” Rubio said Sunday on Face the Nation.

“This is a person who has generally supported virtually all of the Obama agenda, whether it was the reset with Russia, which has blown up in our face, whether it was the pivot to Asia, which was largely rhetorical, but sent the message to Europe that we were disengaging from them, whether it was the Iran nuclear deal, which I believe will one day will come to haunt us, whether it's the release of prisoners from Guantanamo, one of whom was sent to Uruguay, and has now Uruguay, headed to Brazil, and on his way back to Syria. And he's not going back to Syria to open up a chain of car washes. I mean, this is the things she's supporting.

JOHN DICKERSON: "But do you trust her with the codes?"

RUBIO: "Well, look, I think there's a process for the presidency.

"And once you assume the office, no matter who holds that office, I think that the reality and gravity of it always weighs on these people. It's a very difficult issue to face. So, I would hope that I can trust no matter who wins with the nuclear codes. But here's a better approach, and that is ensuring that we have a foreign policy to ensure that we never reach a point where something that could actually happen, where nuclear weapons would have to be used, which in my mind obviously is the worst and most apocalyptic scenario possible."

DICKERSON: "Let me try it another way. The presidency on national security issues sometimes comes down to one person by themselves in a room alone, no matter how much advice they have gotten. On those tough decisions, whether it's about the nuclear codes or about the other kinds of decisions a single president can make, do you think that Donald Trump has better character and judgment in those alone situations than Hillary Clinton?"

RUBIO: "So, that's the challenge Donald has over the next two, three months."

DICKERSON: "Well, what does Senator Rubio think?"

RUBIO: "Well, but there's a campaign. So, that's what I'm going to watch now.

"I know Donald as a primary candidate trying to stand out in a field of 17 people. He is now the Republican nominee. And he's going to have the next three months to go out and make the argument to the American people and help us envision him as president. And these are the kinds of issues that he's going to have to earn people's trust. That's part of the process for anyone who runs."

[Last modified: Monday, June 27, 2016 2:14pm]


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