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Florida GOP touts its 2015 efforts to deliver 29 electoral votes in '16



The Republican Party of Florida has faced serious challenges this year, with Gov. Rick Scott halting all state party fundraising after his favored candidate for state chairman lost to Blaise Ingoglia. What's more, Florida Senate Republicans are no longer raising money for the party and nor are other statewide officerholders other than CFO Jeff Atwater,

But party leaders say they have kept their eye on the ball - especially Florida's 29 electoral votes. This email went out today:

From: Brad Herold, Executive Director, Republican Party of Florida
To: RPOF State Executive Committee, RPOF Finance Committee
Cc: Blaise Ingoglia, RPOF Chairman
Re: 2015 Year in Review and Preparing for 2016
12/23/2015 Gmail ­ Preview­> Memo: 2015 A Year In Review

Synopsis: The Republican Party of Florida has spent 2015 preparing for the upcoming 2016 elections while also
working with state and local campaigns and parties to make strides in the off­year elections.
2015 – A Year in Review

After Chairman Ingoglia’s election in January of 2015, the RPOF has had one singular focus that has informed all other
decisions we have made. That focus is to deliver Florida’s 29 electoral votes to the Republican nominee for President
in November of 2016.

With that goal in mind, the RPOF launched a new initiative early this year called Project 29. With the majority of our
efforts focused on the presidential race in 2016, we didn’t want to lose sight of other important goals this cycle. These
include holding onto Marco Rubio’s U.S. Senate seat, as well as holding our Republican majority in Florida’s
congressional delegation.

While we focused a majority of our time on federal races, we also worked hard to achieve success in our state and local
races. This includes holding Republican majorities in both houses of the legislature, as well as working with local
candidates and activists to win county and city races across the state.

This memo will take a short look at how our efforts this year have better positioned the party to win Florida in 2016
through Chairman Ingoglia’s plan, Project 29.

Media and Communications
Turning Florida red in 2016 requires engaging our state’s diverse media markets. This is why we refused to limit our
media efforts to a language or to an area, resulting in a greater GOP media presence that reached voters from all
backgrounds and ages. Here are a few results of our recent efforts:
 Twelve op­eds focused on keeping Hillary Clinton accountable and spreading the GOP message of greater
opportunity (Four of the 12 op­eds were in Spanish­language outlets.);
 More than Seventy­five interviews from RPOF officials, GOP elected officials, and surrogates; and
 Hired a bilingual (English/Spanish) Director of Communications.
Hillary Clinton
Democrats believe they are ready for Hillary Clinton, but they are not as ready as we are. Every time Hillary has visited
Florida, we have been ready to highlight her scandal­plagued campaign.
 We hosted several press conferences outside of Hillary’s events to highlight her failed record and failed attempts to
gain the public’s trust.
 Hillary’s Accomplishments Video: This Florida GOP production was featured on the Drudge Report and received
more than 100k impressions on Facebook and more than 200k views on YouTube.
 Our efforts also include op­eds, interviews, blogs, social media, and protests.
Sunshine Summit
The Sunshine Summit was Florida’s largest political media event in 2015. Here are the stats to prove it:
 350+ press credentials distributed with 10+ satellite trucks present.
 All major national TV outlets covered the event: Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, C­SPAN, Telemundo, CBS, ABC, NBC,
FOX, & Univision.
 7+ national and local radio stations participating in radio row.
Building the Social Media Advantage
Here’s the truth: social media matters when fighting to win an election in the 21st century. This is why we have devoted
time and staff to rapidly grow our presence across key social media platforms, resulting in a social media advantage
ahead of 2016.
 187,000 followers (from about 80,000 in February 2015)
 70,000 more Facebook likes and a much higher rate of engagement (likes, shares, comments) than Florida
 634 followers on our recently launched bilingual (Spanish­English) page, Somos GOP
 5,300+ followers (from about 200 in February 2015)
 Florida Democrats only have 232 followers
 With nearly a 20 percent increase since February 2015, we now have more than 25,700 followers on Twitter.
 Our presence on one of the newest social media platforms is a reflection of our efforts to connect with
millennials. In the past few months, hundreds of people have added the RPOF account (username: FloridaGOP)
on Snapchat.

Data and Targeting
Another key area that we decided to completely overhaul was the RPOF’s data collection and utilization practices. This
began with the launching of Florida.GOP, our revolutionary website that allows data collection across all participating
local county parties and Republican clubs. This new platform is not just allowing more robust collection warehousing of
data across the state, but it will also allow us to deploy this actionable data on Election Day. Here are the stats:
 1,801 volunteers signed up for 2016
 29,581 new emails collected through Florida.GOP
 273,456 total emails
 15,188 new dddresses
 8,485 phone numbers

Political Education for the Grassroots
Training and educating our grassroots army will be paramount to winning in 2016. Chairman Ingoglia has taken some
major steps to reform the way the RPOF works with our state executive committee, as well as local county parties
across the state.
So far this year, we’ve challenged our state committee to engage with new communities through the creation and
empowerment of six new committees within the RPOF structure. These new committees include:
 Minority Engagement
 Veterans’ Engagement
 Women’s Engagement
 Community Engagement
 Digital Engagement
 2nd Amendment Engagement
The party also changed the way our quarterly meetings are structured to help give local parties the help they need to run
campaigns in their local communities. We have held numerous trainings at these meetings which include:
 Messaging & imaging
 Direct mail & absentee ballot chase programs
 How to engage millennials
 Campaign finance
 Fundraising
 Media training
Also in the new year, we will be launching a new initiative entitled Florida GOP University which will aim to educate
state and local candidates and staff, as well as local activists across the state in their own communities.

Florida Ground Game
The RPOF has been working hard in conjunction with the Republican National Committee to build an unprecedented
ground game in Florida that will put us ahead of any other state, as well as outpacing the DNC/FDP operation.
12/23/2015 Gmail ­ Preview­> Memo: 2015 A Year In Review

Current Team Florida: 25 Staffers

 State Director

 Data Director
 3 Deputy Directors
 15 Regional Field Directors (including 5 Hispanic RFDs, 1 African­American RFD)
 5 Field Organizers
 Projected State Staff (Full Buildout): 307 staffers (256 Field Organizers, 25 Regional Field Directors, 5 Deputy State
Directors, 10 Event Staff, 4 Communications Staff, 6 Data Staff, 1 State Director)
 In the history of the Victory program, this is the earliest staff has been brought on for an election (in any state), with
most staff starting in August of 2015 and with several Hispanic initiatives’ staff being employed since 2013.
Major Strengths
Team Florida is leading the charge on the new V365 voter contract program and neighborhood team leader model. From
1:1 meetings, voter registrations, house meetings, debate watch parties, and SI engagement efforts, Florida is setting
the pace nationally. Below are some topline metrics for our FL V365 program as of early December:
 1:1 meetings: 5,369 (including 1,000+ Hispanic initiative 1:1s)
 House meetings: 186
 Debate watch parties: 185
 Voter registrations collected: 1,494
 Petitions collected: 4,452 (including specific Hispanic and faith initiative petitions)
 Events attended: 250+ events all across Florida (including Hispanic, veterans, and faith events in addition to local
festivals, community gatherings, and local REC meetings/events)
Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI)
The inaugural RLI class in Florida kicked off in July 2015 and was the largest class in the country. The Florida RLI team
has consistently led the way in terms of 1:1 meetings, house meetings, and voter registrations efforts:
Inaugural Florida RLI class: 34 Fellows
Total RLI classes (to date): 185
1:1 meetings to date: 1,158
House meetings to date: 30

Major Strengths
The RPOF/RNC team is light years ahead of its counterparts in Florida. Our nominee will inherit an infrastructure that
has been steadily built for more than a year. Whereas Hilary Clinton and national Democrats have invested their money
elsewhere, we are committed to handing our nominee the most sophisticated ground game in the country.
 Hilary Campaign has invested her ground efforts in early primary states and has no field staff currently on the
ground in Florida.
 By the time of the Republican nomination, our program will be fully built and operational.

Florida once again will decide who wins the White House in 2016, and the Republican Party of Florida is way ahead of
the game compared to where we were in the 2008 and 2012 presidential cycles. We also continue to outpace the
Florida Democrat Party in terms of preparation for the upcoming election.

Project 29’s plan to lay the ground work early in this off year has been our number one goal. Our continued partnership with the RNC has enabled the RPOF to be in the best position possible to deliver Florida’s 29 electoral votes to the

Republican nominee in 2016 and deliver victories for Republicans statewide from the White House to city hall.


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