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Florida reaction to Trump's immigration action



Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Lakeland: “Finally, a president who is listening to the outcries of the American People and taking our national security seriously. President Trump’s plan to immediately secure our U.S.-Mexico border is the first incremental step in improving our immigration system and protecting our homeland. I am also excited this plan mirrors the legislative proposal I introduced entitled the Finish the Fence Act, which directs Homeland Security to complete the required 700-mile Southwest border fencing by the end of the year. Securing our border must be a top priority, as it has always been for me and those I represent back home. Florida alone has the third largest population of illegal immigrants in the U.S.—nearly 900,000. We must put a halt to this ever increasing illegal entry. We are a nation of laws. Immigration in this country should be focused on earned citizenship, which many law-abiding immigrants looking for hope and a future in the U.S. have obtained rightfully. This is also an issue of national security. ISIS is looking for every possible opportunity and weakness within our security systems to infiltrate and radicalize individuals in joining its jihadist regimes to kill Americans, including recruiting and training those illegally crossing our border and entering our country."

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Miami: “President Trump is fulfilling his promise to the American people to secure the borders of the United States. I stand ready to work with my congressional colleagues and the administration on legislation that will allow millions of hardworking people who have not committed crimes to come out of the shadows and get right with the law.”

Sen. Bill Nelson, D: On building the wall, he said, "there a mulitiplicity of things that can be done to protect our borders. This, unfortunately, has gotten into a political issue, and one particular demographic group is being singled out and, I think, unfairly." On blocking immigration "from certain countries," he asked, "does that mean that in some of these cases that are just tear-your-heart out, say from a Syrian refugee child, that automatically, we're not even going to consider to bring them into the country? I don't think that's the heart and the compassion of America."

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