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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Florida Republicans blast Hillary Clinton over emails

Hillary Clinton in 2011

The Associated Press

Hillary Clinton in 2011

The FBI announcement regarding Hillary Clinton this morning was welcome news to the campaign.

"We are pleased that the career officials handling this case have determined that no further action by the Department is appropriate.," the Clinton campaign said. "As the Secretary has long said, it was a mistake to use her personal email and she would not do it again. We are glad that this matter is now resolved."

Republicans generally criticized the decision not to recommend charges while casting Clinton as negligent and dangerous.

Sen. Marco Rubio:

“The FBI concluded what many Americans have known for quite some time, which is that Hillary Clinton’s conduct as Secretary of State and her mishandling of classified information was disgraceful and unbecoming of someone who aspires to the presidency. There is simply no excuse for Hillary Clinton's decision to set up a home-cooked email system which left sensitive and classified national security information vulnerable to theft and exploitation by America’s enemies. Her actions were grossly negligent, damaged national security and put lives at risk.

"Hillary Clinton's actions have sent the worst message to the millions of hard-working federal employees who hold security clearances and are expected to go to great lengths to secure sensitive government information and abide by the rules. They don't take their oaths lightly, and we shouldn't expect any less of their leaders."

Senate candidate Carlos Beruff:

Hilary Clinton's careless mishandling of classified documents should disqualify her from being President, as should her lies. As we face new threats from all over the world, we cannot trust someone who without a second thought disregarded security procedures because they were inconvenient and then lied about it. FBI Director Comey clearly outlined the many offenses committed by Secretary Clinton and the decision on charges is not up to him. The Department of Justice makes the final decision. Attorney General Loretta Lynch's meeting with Bill Clinton last week compromised her objectivity and today I reiterate my call for a special prosecutor to be assigned to handle the case."

RPOF Chairman Blaise Ingoglia:

“The findings of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s wrongful use of a secret email server confirm why she is unqualified to be commander in chief. Her continued poor judgment in handling top secret, classified information and willingness to go around the law for personal convenience is a complete disregard for the office and American people she represented. Furthermore, the FBI’s findings shows that Hillary’s explanation to her use of a secret server is a complete and direct contradiction to the truth. She may not be indicted by a grand jury but this stunning admission by the FBI to her blatant disregard for the rules set up to protect national security will convict her in the court of public opinion."

Rep. Dennis Ross:

“FBI Director Comey’s recommendation today to not prosecute former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her gross negligence and dangerous mishandling of sensitive and secret government information through numerous unprotected, unofficial email devices and servers is greatly disturbing. Moreover, this recommendation definitively shows the American people that government officials under the Obama Administration are unjustly above the law and routinely suffer no consequences for their egregious actions.

"Director Comey confirmed today what we already knew—Hillary Clinton repeatedly lied when she insisted that no classified emails were exchanged through her unprotected servers. More unnerving, her careless actions put our national security and American lives at risk. The American people have every reason not to trust Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, the damage to our rule of law has been done, setting a frightening precedent. Americans have expressed concerns to me about the idea of a ‘protected political class’ for years, and this recommendation confirms that fear. The Department of Justice should reject Director Comey’s recommendation, restore the trust of the American people, and, as it stands for, ensure justice is fully pursued and advocated.

Rep. Ron DeSantis:

"Today's recommendation that Secretary Clinton face no charges is baffling. The FBI investigation into Clinton found that she was 'extremely careless' in handling highly classified information, that numerous email chains contained top secret information that Hillary should have known could not be stored or transmitted on an unsecured server, that Hillary failed to turnover thousands of work-related emails to the State Department, that hostile actors may have hacked into Clinton's email account, and that a person engaged in similar conduct would face serious security and administrative consequences.  The evidence uncovered in the investigation further demonstrates that Secretary Clinton did not tell the public the truth about her email arrangements and her handling of classified information, and failed to produce all relevant emails as she was required to do.

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