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Foreign worker controversy at Disney subject of TV ad campaign



The controversy over Disney bringing in foreign workers to displace Americans is the subject of a TV ad that will be seen across Florida, part of a push by a group that seeks to tighten immigration laws.

“Did you or someone you know get fired from a job so the boss could bring in cheaper foreign workers with temporary visas?” a narrator says. The screen then shows a former Disney worker describing how he had to train his replacement in order to get severance pay.

FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, says the ad is part of a $1 million campaign in Florida that will include online and radio messaging.

Disney in late 2014 canned 250 employees in favor of Indian workers brought in on H-1B visas. The issue has gotten attention in the presidential race and put a focus on Sen. Marco Rubio’s push for more worker visas.

Sen. Bill Nelson, reacting to the Disney move, recently proposed legation with immigration hardliner Sen. Jeff Sessions to slash the number of H-1B visas. Rubio is a co-sponsor of legislation that would triple the number of visas, a goal of the tech industry.

“There is a popular perception that companies can only use foreign guest workers when qualified American workers are not available. That perception is just false. Guest worker programs are riddled with loopholes written by business lobbyists that allow their clients to bring in foreign workers pretty much at will,” FAIR president Dan Stein said in a statement.

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