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How much did Alan Grayson cooperate with ethics investigation?



Those who actually read the recently released Office of Congressional Ethics investigative report on Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alan Grayson may be struck, as we were, by how much that independent body depicted Grayson as uncooperative, even though he submitted to an interview of roughly an hour. Grayson has dismissed the allegations as "utterly frivolous" and "nonsense," and denies any stonewalling but we counted four examples in that report:

****OCE's attempts to work with Grayson's former business partner Victor Kubli about Grayson's old old firm, Grayson & Kubli: “Mr. Kubli informed the OCE that he had received a call from Representative Grayson regarding the OCE’s review, and from that point forward Mr. Kubli did not cooperate with the OCE’s review.”

Grayson's campaign said that's because OCE was requested attorney-client privileged information. The OCE has recommended the House Ethics Committee subpoena Kubli to provide more information. (Incidentally, Kubli was a campaign issue in Grayson's 2008 campaign against U.S. Rep. Ric Keller. The congressman Grayon ultimately unseated noted in that campaign Grayson's association with Kubli, who in 1990 pleaded guilty to a felony bribery charge in federal court.)

***OCE suggested Grayson was uncooperative in their efforts to gather information about his departure from law firms: “Representative Grayson did not provide the Buy-Out Agreement to the OCE and produced very limited responsive materials concerning that specific request for information regarding the transfer of casework and arrangements.”

Grayson's campaign denies that: "Rep. Grayson didn’t have a copy of the 'Buy-Out Agreement,' so of course he didn’t (and couldn’t) provide it.  The OCE failed to disclose this in its report.  Rep. Grayson informed the OCE that the buyer likely had the requested information, and the OCE obtained a copy from the buyer."

***OCE says Grayson kept quiet about a third employee of his hedge fund, David Keith, who was supposed to work with prospective investors in Grayson's hedge fund and also works as Grayson's campaign finance director: “Although the OCE requested that Representative Grayson provide the name and contact information for current and former employees of the Grayson Hedge Fund, Representative Grayson did not identify the third part-time employee in his production and the OCE only learned of his employment by the Grayson Hedge Fund after interviewing Rep. Grayson Congressional Office Manager and Business Director at the end of the review period."

Untrue, Grayson's campaign says: "Rep. Grayson discussed David Keith’s employment by the investment partnership in detail during his interview.  Rep. Grayson also produced numerous investment partnership records identifying Mr. Keith as an employee of the investment partnership."

***Grayson would not reveal the identity of two outside investors (One of whom, the New York Times confirmed, was current congressional candidate and former Florida Democratic Chairman Bob Poe).

Grayson's campaign: "The identity of the two small outside former investors in the investment partnership is confidential information under the terms of the investment partnership.  Rep. Grayson is not allowed to disclose that information.  Nevertheless, Rep. Grayson disclosed information that established definitively that both of these small outside former investors had a very long-term prior relationship with Rep, Grayson, long predating the establishment of the partnership in 2011 and their investment in it.  The OCE failed to disclose this in its report.  The OCE illegally leaked the identity of one of the investors to Murphy staff, as detailed in the first seven pages of Rep. Grayson’s refutation of the OCE report."

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