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Jeb Bush releases 'Reply All,' book about his tenure as governor

Jeb Bush's e-book, "Reply All"


Jeb Bush's e-book, "Reply All"



Jeb Bush today releases his book Reply All, the story of his two terms as governor told through emails. It’s available on Amazon, (as is our own book on Bush.)

Patricia Mazzei of the Miami Herald picks out some highlights here.

The forward to Reply All is written by Columba Bush and it follows below:

Like most Americans, I treasure Sundays with my family. For years, Jeb has cooked Sunday dinner—usually Mexican food. He did this even when he was governor. He makes a really great guacamole. (No peas, please!) He likes to go to the grocery store and push the cart through the aisles. Many times I wondered how it could take him so long to shop for dinner, but then I learned why. People I had never met would come up to me at events and say, “You know, I was having a big problem with my child, and I saw your husband in the supermarket and spoke to him about it. He listened and gave me great advice. I am so grateful to your husband.”

This little story says a lot about the man with whom I fell in love when I was seventeen, and I have never looked back.
I am very proud to be married to a man who is a great husband, great father, and amazing grandfather. However, he’s also a man determined to make life better for every person he meets, and that starts with just one person in a supermarket. As governor of Florida, he did exactly that—make life better for all Floridians.

Yes, there were times when I wished he had been home more, and there were times I wished he had put down his BlackBerry. Then he would read me some of the e-mails he was receiving. They were e-mails filled with concern, frustration, sometimes fear, and once in a while anger—and I knew he was doing exactly what he was born to do: lead. When he told me some people thought all those e-mails received and answered while he was governor would make a good book, I immediately loved the idea. What a great way to tell his story over those eight years—through what was being written and said at the time it was all happening.

I gave the project my enthusiastic blessing. I know I am not objective. I haven’t been since 1971, when this very tall American boy came to my hometown of Leon, Mexico, and changed my life forever.

Jeb put his heart and soul into being Florida’s governor, though. It was just as he puts his heart and soul into everything he does, and that includes making guacamole. I watched him for eight years do exactly what he set out to do: make lives better.

So I hope as you read all these e-mail exchanges, you will get to know the man I love. He is someone who is compassionate, determined, honest (no one would ever argue that Jeb doesn’t speak his mind), occasionally stubborn, and, of course, passionate. He’s passionate about the people he knows and loves, but he’s also passionate about everybody he meets along the way. He’s passionate about the great state of Florida and about the United States of America, which he believes with all his heart is the greatest country on earth and whose best days are still ahead. Thank you for taking the time to get to know him.

Como primera dama de la Florida, trabajé con Jeb sobre temas importantes como la violencia domestica y el abuso de drogas.
Siempre he admirado su habilidad de conectar con la población y encontrar soluciones.  Como gobernador, Jeb trabajó con toda su alma y corazón para ayudar a los demás. Fueron ocho años muy especiales y espero que les guste este eBook sobre sus mandatos.

Columba Bush

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