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Jeb Bush sounds sort of like Rubio on climate change

Jeb Bush has kept a distance from reporters so we haven't been able to ask about some current issues, including climate change. But an August 2011 interview on Fox News provides a glimpse of his thinking.

Host Neil Cavuto asked Bush about comments from Jon Huntsman who said global warming is real and Republicans can't ignore it, adding, "Is he right?"

Bush replied: "I think global warming may be real. Whether it's manmade or not is the point that Governor Perry was opining on, right? And there's -- there's -- it is not unanimous among scientists that is disproportionately manmade. And so have a conversation about this, defend your views. But I think on the left, I get a little tired is this idea that -- the sanctimonious idea that somehow science has decided all this and so therefore you can't have a view."

That's along the lines of what Sen. Marco Rubio said recently. Rubio has said the climate is changing, but adds that it always has and he casts doubt on man's contribution.

Bush went on in 2011: "Science has decided that stem cell research, embryonic stem cell research is the way to go, and if you don't agree with that, that somehow you are a Cro-Magnon man or something like that, when, in fact, embryonic stem cell research has been successful, it`s adult stem cells that has created scientific discoveries these days.

"So, it's easy to fall into this trap that is created by the left. And I think Governor Perry, as it relates to global warming, has every right to suggest that it`s not a certainty that it`s all disproportionately manmade."

The Buzz has asked Bush's spokeswoman for fresh comments, including on the new scientific report that had bleak findings for Florida and the rest of the country.

[Last modified: Thursday, May 15, 2014 11:43am]


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