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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Jeb Bush's 'Defense Policy for the 21st Century'



A preview of Jeb Bush's speech Wednesday at The Citadel. His proposal, as provided by the campaign, is called a U.S. Defense Policy for the 21st Century:

Under President Obama and Congress, the military will be cut by over a trillion dollars. Tens of thousands of troops have been forced out of uniform and into a broken economy. Those who remain are using old equipment, experiencing lapses in training and have been asked to do more missions with fewer people and resources.

Our adversaries around the world have taken notice. Russia is on the march, China has quadrupled its military spending, Iran is backing terror groups throughout the Middle East, North Korea continues to make threats in the Pacific and ISIS has expanded its war beyond Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan to Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and even France.

Governor Bush has a four-point strategy to rebuild our military, restore American leadership, defend our nation and bring order back to the international system. He recognizes that it is our constitutional obligation to provide for the common defense. And he knows that the American people just want to be safe to live their lives in peace.

1.    Restore International Order & Promote International Security

After the Second World War, the United States built a series of alliances in order to preserve peace and protect prosperity. That system of alliances is under growing stress. Governor Bush would reinvigorate America’s special role as world leader. He would increase commitment to NATO to counter a revanchist Russia, including sending an Army Special Forces Group back to European Command. He would increase our presence, restore alliances and build new partnerships in Asia. He would stand up to Iranian aggression in the Middle East, defeat ISIS and restore stability to Iraq and Syria. Finally, Governor Bush would increase partner-building exercises with foreign militaries, to lessen the load on U.S. forces.

2.    Rebuild the Military to Defend U.S. Interests and Values

Governor Bush opposes the $1 trillion in defense cuts passed by President Obama and Congress. He has committed to rebuilding the military and restoring faith with our troops. Governor Bush would increase the size of the Army by 40,000 soldiers and the size of the Marine Corps by 4,000 Marines. He would increase the size of the Navy and increase Virginia class submarine production. He would replace aircrafts that are older that our pilots. Governor Bush believes that the best way to secure the peace is to be strong and ready for any national emergency.

3.    Reform the Pentagon

While the military needs to be rebuilt, Governor Bush does not believe in giving the Pentagon a blank check. He will institute strong reforms there, fixes that treat the taxpayer dollar with more respect and get our troops equipment they need in a timely manner. He will reduce D.C. bureaucrats to free up resources for more uniformed military. Governor Bush believes it is our sacred obligation to make certain our men and women in uniform have the best training, equipment, and leadership in the world.

4.    Defend the Homeland

The first and most sacred obligation of the U.S. Government is to provide for the common defense, an enumerated responsibility in the Constitution. Protecting our shores is the number one of priority of government. Governor Bush believes that this starts with securing our border. He has also laid out plans to improve our cyber security and protect critical infrastructure that links avenues of commerce, transportation, and energy. With the threat of terrorism at an all-time high, Governor Bush has committed himself to keeping Americans safe.

[Last modified: Wednesday, November 18, 2015 1:59am]


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