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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Marco Rubio as the new Mitt Romney



This clip from the 2010 CNN/St. Pete Times U.S. Senate debate shows how Marco Rubio was crystal clear back then in his opposition to any pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the country:

Byron York in the Washington Examiner compares Rubio to the GOP's best-known flip-flopper, Mitt Romney:

...Any reasonable reading of Rubio's positions then and now leads to the conclusion that he has executed a flip-flop of Romneyesque proportions. Rubio's flip-flop is even worse politically. While Romney switched to a position that was popular with the Republican base, Rubio has done just the opposite.

Rubio denies the charge. During an appearance on "Meet the Press" in April, he explained that back in 2010 he opposed a "blanket amnesty." Today's Gang of Eight bill, he continued, "is not blanket amnesty." In response to an inquiry Monday, Rubio's Senate spokesman added that "Sen. Rubio opposed the 2007 immigration reform -- and his position has not changed."

Rubio's rapid evolution has baffled some of the people who rallied to his support in 2010. "He came across as the genuine article who believed things to his core, a passionate, from-the-heart principled conservative who spoke with conviction," says one Republican who helped promote Rubio's Senate candidacy when few establishment GOP figures supported him. "And immigration was not a small issue. It was so front and center in the 2010 campaign that it does create a certain level of distrust on other issues."...

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