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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Marco Rubio: I will summon the states to a constitutional convention



SARASOTA -- Marco Rubio promised as president he would call a constitutional conventional of all the states in order to pass a balanced budget amendment and impose term limits on members of congress.

"It will be limited," Rubio assured about 400 people gathered inside a boat manufacturing warehoused in Sarasota. "They won't be able to touch the First Amendment, they won't be able to touch the Second Amendment. They won't be able to touch our important Constitutional rights. But here's what we must do - we must pass amendments limiting the size and scope of the federal government."

The proposal, which Rubio only recently started touting, drew applause from the Florida crowd in Sarasota, along with Rubio's standard stump speech about preserving the American Dream from the damage being from by Barack Obama and big-spending Republicans in Washington.

He credited the Founding Fathers for that new plank in Rubio's platform: "They wanted to ensure that if things got out of hand you the people had the power to take control of the government," he said of Article V of the U.S. Constitution. "I think things are out of hand."

The country has not had such a convention since 1787, but Article 5 allows one to be calledd by a two-thirds vote of each branch of Congress or formal request by at least two thirds of the states

Rubio also took shots at several of his presidential primary rivals, without specifically mentioning anybody by name.
He criticized supporters of a flat tax proposal - Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul - which Rubio called a "sneaky" Value Added Tax that would hurt businesses - and he criticized those who support an internet sales tax - Jeb Bush and Chris Christie.

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