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No longer on fence, a young Republican picks Rubio over Bush



He was torn between Jeb Bush’s experience and Marco Rubio’s youth. Now he’s off the fence.

Wesley Larkin, a student at Florida Coastal in Jacksonville, has been won over by Rubio.

“I’m all on board with Marco. Volunteered back in October,” the 23-year-old Republican tells the Buzz. We last spoke to Larkin in July.

“He's the one we need. When I see Rubio, I can relate in so many ways. Also, he can appeal to a wide group of people and can articulate all of the things the GOP has been trying to say. When it comes to his ability to convey a message, last night, I watched a video of him giving an explanation of the gospel and his faith and it was perfect. I don't throw around Reagan comparisons lightly, but Rubio has those communication skills. It's a contrast to Bush who can hardly say how proud he is of his dad and brother without stuttering.

“Bush doesn't have enough to make it to the finish line. I respect him and think he'd be a great president, but the country isn't going to be enthused about another Bush, even though I don't mind another. He's struggled to get his message out clearly and the attacks on Marco only look opportunistic and obviously failed.”

In July, Larkin was leaning toward Bush and he questioned if Rubio would be like the current White House occupant, who came in with little experience. “He’s just so young and that concerns me because we had a young guy for the last six years.”

But Larkin said those concerns are gone. Rubio “constantly shows he's informed on every issue and doesn't have to rehearse before he speaks on them. There haven't been any notable gaffes and the rest of the field's constant misinformed statements have shown he's in another league. His foreign policy instincts have shown to be pretty great, re: Russia and the Middle East, as an example.”

[Last modified: Friday, December 4, 2015 11:41am]


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