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Orlando Sentinel raises more questions about Pam Bondi's Trump money

Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell has a barn-burner today on Attorney General Pam Bondi and her office's interactions with Trump University complaints against that campaign donation for Donald Trump. Here's an excerpt, but read the whole thing:

Bondi's office always claimed there wasn't enough evidence to make a case. But I wondered how hard her staff worked to actually find any.

So I asked to see her office's investigative reports for myself.

Her office took about four weeks to respond and then finally did so with a massive document dump — thousands of pages, many of which were exchanges with the press about why they weren't investigating now and stressing they never had. A copy of an email I sent back in 2013 was included 39 different times.

All told, they provided 8,491 pages of records.

Perhaps they thought no one would really look at them.

If so, they were wrong.

I did — and found lots of troubling things and inconsistencies.

For instance, Bondi's office originally claimed it had received "no complaints" about the Trump University (Page 3,229) since she took office.

Later, a staffer said: "Under this administration, we have received one complaint regarding Donald Trump, Trump University or Trump Entrepreneur Institute (page 4,268).

Later still, a staffer said two (page 5,142).

Yet another wrote: "Just so everyone is aware, we have 100 complaints about The Trump Group." (Page 1,733), though that August 2013 message didn't cite a timeframe..

It goes on like that for hundreds of pages.

Most importantly, though, let me tell you what I did not find among those 8,491 pages — much evidence that Bondi's investigators had actually probed or investigated the complaints that had come her way.

[Last modified: Sunday, June 5, 2016 6:18pm]


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