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PolitiFact Florida checks AIF's faulty job claims, cat hoarding and 'Marcophones'



Associated Industries of Florida pushed back against a Senate plan to end a premium tax break for the insurance industry in exchange for reducing motor vehicle registration fees (SB 1832) with a big ad campaign. The business lobbying group claimed in a TV ad, "It's the working tax cut that creates jobs -- over 40,000 new jobs in just the last four years.

PolitiFact Florida ruled the group's claim Pants on Fire. The tax, for one, is not the only reason insurance carriers move to Florida. More striking, AIF's claim of dramatic job growth is not supported by federal labor data. Read more.

We fact-checked two more outside interest groups this week.

Americans United for Life touted a suspiciously precise figure in a committee hearing on the "infants born alive" bill, which passed the House this week (HB 1129). In 2010, the group's president claimed, "1,270 infants were reported to have died following attempted abortions." The claim is False, as no such data exists. The group confused this figure with a broader category of "other" perinatal deaths.

The American Bird Conservancy said the "community cats" legislation would "authorize the public hoarding of cats by feral cat activists." What the bills aim to do is allow people to neuter and release feral cats without being charged with abandoning the animal. It is possible that a person could hoard feral cats outdoors, but animal hoarders typically want to control their animals by keeping them indoors. The rating came in at Half True.

It was a big week U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, and not just for the rollout of the long-awaited immigration package he supports. We're talking about the Truth-O-Meter.

A claim circulating around the blogosphere claimed the proposal would lead to "MarcoPhones." Being familiar with myths of "ObamaPhones," we were skeptical from the start. Rightfully so. The claim is False. Read more.

Frustrated over Jay-Z's jaunt to Cuba, Rubio said the rapper should do more research on Ché Guevara. Guevara "wrote extensively about the superiority of white Europeans over people of African descent," Rubio said. The reality? Mostly False.

On his Sunday media blitz, Rubio said the immigration reforms, which outline a 13-year pathway to legal status and eventually citizenship, do not amount to amnesty. The truth is more complicated. We rated the claim Half True.


[Last modified: Friday, April 19, 2013 4:34pm]


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