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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Rick Scott touts editorials backing Medicaid stance



How much has Rick Scott evolved? Well, the fellow who used to boycott newspaper editorial boards and once cheerfully told newspaper editors that he doesn't read Florida papers is now sending out press releases touting editorial boards praising his support for expanding Medicaid in Florida. Here's the release the governor sent out:

What They Are Saying…

On Gov. Scott’s Medicaid Announcement

“…Help more needy and disabled…”

“The governor knows the risks of entering into such a bargain with the feds, and is hardly enthusiastic. The final decision will be up to the Legislature, and Scott does not plan to aggressively campaign for the deal.

“Scott had no good options here. Under the circumstances, his decision to try to help more needy and disabled Floridians, while establishing safeguards for the state's finances and monitoring the results, looks to be a reasonable response.” (Tampa Tribune editorial, 2/21/13)

“...Chosen pragmatism…”

“Now Scott has aligned himself with a half-dozen other Republican governors who have chosen pragmatism over ideological purity in accepting the Medicaid expansion. They include governors such as Jan Brewer of Arizona, John Kasich of Ohio and Susana Martinez of New Mexico.” (Tampa Bay Times editorial, 2/21/13)

“…Not a cure-all…”
“The potential to provide insurance to more than a million Floridians who currently lack coverage is not only humane -- it makes sense financially.

“The expansion of Medicaid is not a cure-all. Costs must be contained and the coordination of care improved; hopefully, the managed care programs will help. And, yes, there will be costs. But there will also be benefits -- economic and social -- and we are pleased that Gov. Scott recognizes as much.” (Herald Tribune editorial, 2/22/13)

“...Practical call that protects the state’s taxpayers.”

“The governor’s decision to back the expansion of Medicaid by 1 million Floridians who would qualify (after having been elected to office on an anti-Obamacare platform) is a practical call that protects the state’s taxpayers.

By putting a limit of three years to Florida’s expansion effort, the governor also seeks some wiggle room to see if the expansion delivers the cost savings the feds have promised.” (Miami Herald Editorial, 2/23/2013)

“…A reasonable action…”
“Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to agree to expand Medicaid coverage in his state is not only perfectly sensible, but a reasonable action for a conservative governor of the nation’s fourth most populous state.”

“The important thing to remember here is that Rick Scott hasn’t changed his view on Obamacare. The governor simply recognizes that Washington is taking Florida’s money, and it should be returned to the state and save taxpayers the cost of carrying the nearly 4 million people who lack healthcare insurance.”

“[The Governor] also can’t ignore the fact that you and I and millions of Florida taxpayers will now be paying additional taxes and fees to fund Obamacare. It would be a grave mistake for a sitting governor to stop that money from returning to Florida residents.”  (Newsmax, 2/22/2013)

“…Privatizing Medicaid for beneficiaries…”
Sarasota's Republican Party Chairman Joe Gruters: “About 1.3 million Floridians will get coverage, meaning billions of dollars will flow into the state’s already robust health care economy. That means jobs. Plus, Florida got a waiver it had been seeking to continue privatizing Medicaid for beneficiaries — an important conservative principle…Gov. Scott has done a terrific job with what he promised to do. Reigning in irresponsible federal spending was not among those promises.” (Sarasota Herald Tribune, 2/22/2013)

“… A difficult decision…”

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio: “Gov. Scott made a difficult decision that highlights the need for reforming Medicaid and giving states more flexibility.” (National Review, 2/26/2013)

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