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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Ron DeSantis joins Ted Cruz in push for term limits



Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis is partnering with Sen. Ted Cruz in an attempt to enact term limits, trying to seize Donald Trump’s populist appeal to “drain the swamp.”

“As soon as the 115th Congress convenes, both of us will move to restore accountability among the entrenched Washington establishment by introducing a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms that a member of Congress can serve to three in the House and two in the Senate,” the Republicans wrote in an op/ed for the Washington Post.

“Passing term limits will demonstrate that Congress has actually heard the voice of the people.

“In an age in which partisan divisions seem intractable, it is remarkable that public support for congressional term limits is strong regardless of political affiliation — huge majorities of rank-and-file Republicans, Democrats and independents favor enacting this reform.”

It will not be easy as past attempts have fallen flat among lawmakers unenthusiastic about closing off their lock on power.

"Without term limits, the incentive for a typical member is to stay as long as possible to accumulate seniority on the way to a leadership post or committee chair. Going along to get along is a much surer path for career advancement than is challenging the way Washington does business.

"With term limits, we will have more frequent changes in leadership and within congressional committees, giving reformers a better chance at overcoming the Beltway inertia that resists attempts to reduce the power of Washington."

[Last modified: Friday, December 9, 2016 12:18pm]


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