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Ron DeSantis, Patrick Murphy hauling in big money for Senate campaign




The Ron DeSantis U.S. Senate campaign tells The Buzz the northeast Florida Republican raised another $772,000 in the three-month period ending Dec. 31 and that he has more than $2.5 million on hand. 

DeSantis spokesman Brad Herold also dismissed Rep. Jolly's proposal to bar federal officials from directly soliciting campaign contributions.

“You’re not going to beat Patrick Murphy or Alan Grayson, and help keep the U.S. Senate in Republican hands by tying both hands behind your back. Ron DeSantis has proven he’s the only candidate in this race who can put together a winning statewide campaign and we’re going to continue to do that," Herold said.

Jolly campaign spokeswoman Sarah Bascom shot back: "Congressman Desantis' fundraising numbers only illustrate the problem in congress as detailed by David Jolly today.  By missing votes, not reading bills because he was off fundraising and trying to hide that fact when asked, and traveling to Vegas with his hand out raising money, Congressman Desantis is showing the people of Florida that he spends more time meeting with the political elite and fundraisers than he does with the voters or doing his job.

"The Desantis campaign should admit that you will not defeat ISIS, fix the national debt or make a real impact in Washington if you never show up to vote.  Sounds to me like his fundraising blitz is what really has his hands tied behind his back and inhibiting him from hitting the vote button on the house floor.

"Glad-handing does not make you a frontrunner.  Rising poll numbers and the continued support from voters who are tired of a do-nothing Washington does."

But she declined the say what Jolly had raised: "The campaign will release its fundraising numbers by the deadline, which is the 31st, as it has done every quarter since announcing,"

So did the Carlos Lopez-Cantera campaign:"We're announcing next week. In the meantime, if you need a quote from me: "We will be announcing our numbers next week, and we are excited about the relationships we have built and are on course to accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves. The campaign continues to have the largest statewide grassroots operation in the race, and voters agree that a Florida Republican is needed in the U.S. Senate, not more of the same from Washington," said Lopez-Cantera spokeswoman Courtney Alexander.

Meanwhile, Democratic Senate candidate Patrick Murphy, who reported raising another $1.46-million in the last quarter. He has $4.3-million on hand.

Democrat Alan Grayson's campaign declined to say how much he raised, thought the Orlando Congressman did send off a fundraising email based on Murphy's haul:

We've said it a million times: “If you're going to sell your soul for cash, you might as well be good at it.”

And boy, Patrick Murphy sure is good at it. You may have seen him pounding his chest about another huge fundraising haul from the powers that be in Washington and Wall Street. He treats them right, they always make sure the checks arrive on time. The billionaire class in this country is actually pretty good about that — just don’t ask them to share the wealth!But like always, we're not worried that Patrick Murphy can raise millions from the Wall Street cabal.

Why? Because our campaign has the one thing that can overcome the mountains of sewer money Goldman Sachs bankers are spending to elect Patrick Murphy. An army of grassroots supporters — like you. The same people who have tossed in over 30,000 individual online contributions to this movement since we launched this campaign. The same people who, like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders before him, are lifting a humble progressive champion like Alan Grayson on their shoulders to take down a corrupt and opulent establishment.


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