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Rubio brushes off Trump questioning his eligibility



Marco Rubio on Sunday brushed off questions from Donald Trump that Rubio is ineligible to be president because his parents became citizens four years after he was born.

“This is a game he plays. He says something that's edgy and outrageous and then the media flocks and covers that and then no one else can get any coverage on anything else,” Rubio said on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

“And that worked when there were 15 people running for president. It's not going to work anymore. I'm going to spend zero time on his interpretation of the Constitution with regards to eligibility.”

Rubio’s lawyers have paid attention to the issue and have filed a motion to dismiss a suit in Florida challenging the senator’s eligibility. Rubio was born in Miami in 1971; his parents did not become citizens until 1975.

Trump on Saturday retweeted a link about Rubio and Cruz.

“Do you really believe that?” Stephanopoulos asked Trump on Sunday.

“I think the lawyers have to determine that that -- and not -- it was a retweet, not so much with Marco. I'm not really that familiar with Marco's circumstances --

STEPHANOPOULOS: But then why retweet it?

TRUMP: Because I'm not sure. I mean, let people make their own determination. I know Ted is being now ... is being sued by somebody. Maybe it's in New York, having to do with eligibility --

STEPHANOPOULOS: You're really not sure that Marco Rubio is eligible to run for president? You're really not sure?

TRUMP: I don't know. I really -- I've never looked at it, George. I honestly have never looked at it. As somebody said, he's not. And I retweeted it. I have 14 million people between Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and I retweet things and we start dialogue and it's very interesting.

[Last modified: Sunday, February 21, 2016 12:43pm]


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