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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Rubio: Gun owners 'do not deserve to be harassed or further regulated'




Sen. Marco Rubio, who recently joined a threatened filibuster against any gun control legislation, writes in a column for that law-abiding gun owners "do not deserve to be harassed or further regulated."

"Current gun control proposals being discussed by Washington Democrats – by the admission of their own authors – would not have stopped the tragedies in Newtown or Aurora. The perpetrators of these actions were mentally disturbed monsters with a complete lack of interest in laws or ethics. For this reason, any effective plan to deal with future violence must focus on addressing mental illness and identifying those Americans who should be forbidden to own guns.

"What advocates of indiscriminate gun bans fail to realize is that their efforts to legislate limitations on gun ownership will only work on those of us who are already predisposed to obey the law. Since a disregard for law is the very definition of criminality, criminals will not be deterred by Congress’ efforts to restrict their access to firearms. We’ve seen this in urban centers like Chicago and Washington, D.C. – when these local governments enacted gun bans, only law abiding citizens respected the law. Criminals carried on, emboldened by the knowledge that their victims would be more vulnerable and could be easily overmatched."

Rubio stance comes as much of the proposed gun legislation has been narrowed down to universal background checks, which enjoy more than 90 percent public support. It also comes as he deals with strong conservative cross-currents in the immigration debate. When this reporter pulled up the site, a banner came across the screen saying "Uncle Sam wants you to fight against amnesty."


[Last modified: Thursday, April 4, 2013 9:13am]


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