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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Rubio in Las Vegas urges caution as some tie Boston to immigration debate



Sen.  Marco Rubio traveled to Las Vegas on Saturday to attend Republican Jewish Coalition meeting and do some fundraising (see Adelson, Sheldon) and was asked about comments from some fellow Republicans tying the Boston Marathon bombing to immigration.

People should “reserve judgment," he said, according to Ralston Reports. "What I mean by reserve judgment is that we just don’t know who these people were, why they reached the point they did, why they did what that did. We just don’t know. If there are ways to learn (from Boston or other incidents), we should apply those. By the same token, I would remind everyone that what we know for sure is that these two killers entered the United States through the existing, legal immigration system.”

From the blog: Rubio declined to wade into the debate over whether suspect Dzhokzar Tsarnaev should have been read his Miranda rights or treated as an enemy combatant, as some of his colleagues have said. “That’s part of a broader debate that we have to have,” the Florida senator and 2016 presidential possibility said before repeating his point about homegrown terrorists being an emerging problem. “The massacre in Boston is a potential example of that.”

After the press availability, Rubio went on to a more important meeting upstairs at The Venetian: Gondolier Numero Uno Sheldon Adelson, the pre-eminent GOP donor in the country. 

Several Republican senators have called for a pause in immigration debate as the Boston bombings are sorted out. Sen. Dan Coats, R-Ind., on This Week said: 
“You usually end up with bad policy if you do it in an emotional way or an emotional reaction. We saw some things post-9/11 that were enacted that if we had had a little bit more rational time to think this through, perhaps we wouldn't have had some of the pushback on it.

Sen. Dick Durbin, the Illinois Democrat who is part of the Gang of 8 that wrote the immigration bill, said today on Meet the Press: “Immigration reform will make us safer, and I hope that those that are critical of it will just come forward and say what their idea is."




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