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Rubio pushes Obamacare 'single-payer' conspiracy



Sen. Marco Rubio is attaching himself to a conspiracy theory: Obamacare was engineered to fail so Democrats can push single-payer health care.

“I believe single payer is always the goal that they wanted," he told Breitbart. "In fact, I think Obamacare was designed to eventually lead us to that point. What I think you’re going to see now is as Obamacare begins to fail, instead of recognizing it as a failure, we need to back and embrace free market principles. I think you’re going to find the left increasingly saying that Obamacare’s failure proves we need a single payer system, so I’m not surprised by it at all."

More recently, he told Emily Miller of the Washington Times: “What they want to do is go to the public and say, ‘Look, these exchanges prove these insurance companies are greedy. Thats why it’s unaffordable. That’s why we need the government to be the single health insurance company for the whole country. Let’s put everyone on Medicare."

Many Democrats did want a single-payer system, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said Obamacare is just a step in a direction toward that system. But a so-called public option was never viable politically during the run-up to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and it's certainly much less so now.

It's one thing to say some Democrats want single-payer, but another to imply the Affordable Care Act was designed as a trojan horse.

The Florida Republican is not the first to suggest the idea. "Let’s look at the law’s promises that were rigged to fail," Sen. Tom Coburn wrote in a 2012 piece for National Review.

[Last modified: Friday, March 21, 2014 10:27am]


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