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Rubio: Send Benghazi suspect to GITMO



Sen. Marco Rubio says the Benghazi suspect whose capture was announced today should be sent to Guantanamo Bay and not tried in a U.S. court.

In a statement, Rubio wrote:

“It is long overdue that justice be delivered to the terrorists who conducted the attacks of September 11, 2012 against U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya and killed four Americans. The capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala is welcome news, and a testament to the bravery and skill of U.S. special forces and the FBI.

“The Obama Administration should immediately transfer him to the military detention center at Guantanamo Bay for detention and interrogation. In order to locate all individuals associated with the attacks that led to the deaths of four Americans, we need intelligence. That intelligence is often obtained through an interrogation process.

“At times, this Administration has been more interested in the politics of the war on terrorism than the execution of it, and we have not had an articulable detention policy in six years. I look forward to hearing from the Administration how they plan to obtain information from Ahmed Abu Khattala, where they intend to detain him, and what the next steps are for going after those responsible for these attacks.

“America remains at war and a return to the failed law enforcement approach of the 1990s is not an adequate response to the very real threats we face.”

NBC News: Khattala isn't going to Gitmo, the NSC said last night. Spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden: "Some have suggested that he should go to GTMO. Let me rule that out from the start. The Administration's policy is clear on this issue: we have not added a single person to the GTMO population since President Obama took office, and we have had substantial success delivering swift justice to terrorists through our federal court system."

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 10:57am]


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