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Sanders supporter Alan Grayson: Political revolution about more than one person or campaign

As presidential candidate Hillary Clinton locked up the Democratic nomination on Tuesday night -- making history and becoming the first woman nominee for a major political party -- Bernie Sanders supporter Alan Grayson didn't openly indicate whether she had his backing now, although Grayson has said he would back her if she were victorious in the primary race.

Grayson, a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, proudly endorsed Sanders in February after an online poll of his supporters. His Senate campaign previously told the Times/Herald that Grayson would vote for Clinton if she were the nominee.

This is what he had to say Tuesday in a late-night Facebook post:

This political revolution has always been about more than any one candidate, or any one campaign. It has been about proving that there is still hope in our political system; that it is not damaged beyond repair; that we can do more than just rage against the machine. It has been about proving that when ordinary people like you and me come together, we can accomplish extraordinary things.

Grayson, like Sanders, is a progressive Democrat.

Grayson's main Democratic opponent in the U.S. Senate race -- fellow U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy -- has proudly backed Clinton since she first launched her campaign. (Murphy has the backing of the Democratic establishment in the U.S. Senate race.)

Murphy celebrated Clinton's victory on Monday night, when the Associated Press first reported Clinton had secured enough pledged delegates to win even before Tuesday's primaries in several more states.

Thrilled to have Hillary Clinton as our presumptive Democratic nominee! #‎ImWithHer and have been from the start. Looking forward to more primary victories tomorrow -- it's time we unite behind her.

During an interview with the Times/Herald last month, Pam Keith, the third Democratic contender for Florida's U.S. Senate seat, wouldn't divulge whom she preferred as the party's nominee -- citing positives and negatives about both contenders.

She offered these comments this morning

Last night was historic and meaningful in so many ways, and so I take a moment to sincerely congratulate Hillary Clinton (and her team) on winning a tough battle against a very strong competitor. The question now is how does she win in Florida, a must-win state for Trump. This state is almost evenly divided between Rs, Ds and Independent/NPA. And the demand for fresh voices and outsiders is high! The mood in 2016 is not to seek more of traditional Washington insider politics. We must be responsive to that. To win here, Hillary will need EXCEPTIONAL turnout of African Americans, Latinos, women and Millenials. She will also need someone who can do more than repeat talking points. She will need someone who can advocate, connect, move and inspire a diverse group of people. I look forward to making the case over the next months that I am her best help here. We can break more than one glass ceiling this season!!

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