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Scott Walker eyes Marco Rubio as running mate

Scott Walker and Marco Rubio

The Associated Press

Scott Walker and Marco Rubio



Scott Walker and Marco Rubio?

“I've actually had quite a few people, grassroots supporters, donors, and others who have made that suggestion,” Walker told Bloomberg when asked about a Walker-Rubio ticket. His team had previously suggested the idea in March.

Here's the transcript:

H: One political question. I've largely stayed away from that but I want to ask you one. It's a big, jumbled field, and everybody's trying to figure out how it's going to go. Hard to figure out, right? Even for people like the two of us who follow these. Some people are saying one way to stand out would be to form a ticket now. I know you're going to say this is premature, but the one that people keep talking about is you and Senator Rubio forming a ticket. Does that interest you in the least bit?

SKW: I like Marco Rubio a lot. Obviously I'm deferential to governors, I think there's a lot we bring to the table is having proved executive experience. But I do like Marco Rubio. I think he and I have similar thoughts on national defense and foreign policy. I overall like him and I like the fact that, you saw, you probably commented on this that when it was his birthday, I sent him a nice little tweet saying "Marco, happy birthday from one 40-something to another." There's certainly a generational issue there.

H: As a political strategist, just take yourself out of it, pretend it's somebody else. If Scott Walker and Marco Rubio announced in December we're going to run as a ticket, let's leave aside who'd be at the top, do you think that would be a gimmick or that might be something where voters would say, "Wow, that's a strong team. That makes sense."?

SKW: I've actually had quite a few people, grassroots supporters, donors and others who have made that suggestion. I think for now, Marco is a quality candidate, he's gonna be formidable in this race as things progress and if we were to get in we'd be as well and we'll see where things take us.

H: You like the sound of Walker/Rubio more than Rubio/Walker.

SKW: Yeah, I said, Marco and I joke about it, that people mention it, we'd probably just have to arm wrestle over who would be at the top of the ticket.

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