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Sen. Kelli Stargel op-ed column: Why Florida's abortion law makes sense



State Sen. Kelli Stargel sponsored the Senate version of the new abortion law under challenge today in federal court. In the wake of a Supreme Court ruling Monday declaring a Texas abortion law unconstitutional, Stargel wrote an op-ed column for the Tampa Bay Times. An excerpt:

When we look at any other type of medical care for any other segment of our population, we demand excellence. We impose basic requirements on medical providers intended to ensure the best quality of care for everyone, including our veterans, our children, the elderly and the impoverished. Yet, when it comes to vulnerable women seeking abortion services, advocates fight against even the most basic standards of medical care.

It is offensive to me that here in Florida we set standards for minimally invasive outpatient surgery, but do not apply those same sound and widely accepted medical standards to safeguard the health of women undergoing invasive abortion procedures. This is far from the first example of pro-abortion doublespeak.

During my eight years serving in Florida House and Senate, I have attended committee meetings and floor sessions, listened to countless hours of public testimony and participated in lengthy debates during which the most vehement pro-abortion advocates argue parents should be notified when their daughter receives an aspirin from the school nurse, but not when she seeks an abortion.

Advocates support parental notification for tattoos, body piercings and even tanning beds, but reject the notion parents should be notified when their young daughter makes the irreversible decision to undergo an invasive medical procedure akin to outpatient surgery as she terminates a pregnancy, ending the life of a grandchild her parents will never know.

The pervasive double standard does not stop there. Advocates argue dogs and cats should be sedated prior to euthanasia, but oppose anesthesia requirements for innocent unborn human beings taken from their mothers' wombs. They argue for increased reporting on animals euthanized at local shelters, but against enhanced reporting on babies killed at abortion clinics.

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