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Senate candidate touts his lousy showing in Florida Insider Poll

Todd Wilcox

Wilcox campaign

Todd Wilcox



Todd Wilcox, the Orlando businessman, former Special Forces commander, and first time candidate running for U.S. Senate sent out a press release/note to supporters this afternoon touting his weak numbers in the latest Tampa Bay Times Florida Insider Poll of Florida operatives, fundraisers, lobbyists, academics, politicians and assorted other members of Florida's poliical intelligentsia.

The survey measures predictions and expections, not support, and currently shows nearly 3 percent expect Wilcox will be the nominee, 11 percent expect Carlos Beruff, 25 percent expect Ron DeSantis, 27 percent said Carlos Lopez-Cantera, and 35 percent think David Jolly will wind up the nominee.

"I want to thank the Tampa Bay Times for highlighting a very important difference between my opponents and me. I'm not looking for the collective endorsement of Florida's political insiders," Wilcox wrote.

You're welcome, Mr. Wilcox. 

And rather than note that your campaign is backed by such anti-establishment types as Brian Hughes, (whose clients have included outsiders including like CFO Jeff Atwater and former state GOP Chairman Lenny Curry); former Charlie Crist communications director Erin Isaac, and former Bush-Cheney fundraising 'Ranger' Ned Siegel and 'Pioneer' Peter Rummell, we will reproduce your letter in full:

In a week where our opponents are all trying (and failing) to reinvent themselves, the folks who know them best are coming to their rescue: Florida's Political Insiders.

The Tampa Bay Times today released an unscientific poll of less than 150 Floridians they, the mainstream media, have deemed "players in Florida politics" and I couldn't be more pleased with the results, considering the source.

Congressman David Jolly's campaign got caught trying to erase his record as a K Street lobbyist, ties to the Church of Scientology and his past support for same sex marriage from the internet. No worries - 37% of the Florida king-makers, fellow lobbyists, and politicians polled are standing by their man.

Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera may be on a whirlwind, tax payer funded trip to the Middle East this week in a transparent attempt to pad his non-existent foreign policy resume, but 26% of the loyal consultant class, litany of former colleagues and special interest bosses polled are holding down the fort back home on his behalf.

And while Congressman Ron DeSantis is surely preparing to announce he closed the first fundraising quarter of this year with even more cash from Washington special interests, 25% of the power players, political consultants and campaign insiders are doubling down on his establishment support.

How'd we do? Well, let's just say the political elite won't be waving signs with us anytime soon. Around 2% of about 150 political insiders - you know, the political class who stand to gain the most - chose us as their guy. Shocking!

I want to thank the Tampa Bay Times for highlighting a very important difference between my opponents and me. I'm not looking for the collective endorsement of Florida's political insiders. This campaign is about you and your family. It's about keeping the American people safe, getting government out of the way so our economy can flourish and protecting our Constitutional freedoms as the founders intended.

Those ideals and the specific plans I've laid out won't line their pockets, won't give them more power or influence - and for those reasons, the political insiders are sticking with the candidates they can count on.

And I couldn't be more proud.



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