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Steve Schale's career advice for wannabe political operatives



Steve Schale, the  savvy, veteran Democratic political operative we used to refer to as the savvy, young, rising star political strategist, has a great career advice column for those in either party who would like to follow in his foot steps. Read the whole thing, but here some of my favorite pieces, which apply to careers and leaders outside of the politics business:

##  If you are getting into politics for any other reason than to change the world, get out.

## Watch your social media.... No one wants to work with a know-it-all jerk, so don’t be one on Twitter or Facebook.

## Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity – make your opportunity. Show up at the office and do anything

## Keep a list of the people who call you the day after you lose. They are your friends - not the ones who start calling a few weeks before the election.

And here's one I think Steve got wrong: "Most of the people you see on TV reached the upper levels of politics after living similar lives of sleeping on couches, having to win to be able to pay their rent, driving 40,000 to 60,000 miles a year, and being unemployed for long periods."

Unfortunately, most of the "campaign strategists" you see in TV these days have a tiny fraction of the experience and wisdom of Schale.

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