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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Why you shouldn't panic over the thought of President Donald Trump



DES MOINES, Iowa — I've heard some of the most prominent Republicans in Florida say they would have to think long and hard if the choice in November is Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. I've heard Democrats say, only half jokingly, that they're moving to Canada if Trump becomes America's 45th president.

The billionaire reality TV star wins the Iowa caucuses Monday, he may well be on his way to steamrollering into the Republican nomination. He also is favored to win New Hampshire's primary the following week, and 40 years of primary history suggests that kind of momentum is likely impossible to halt.

So let's do an exercise to calm the frayed nerves of those utterly horrified by Trump's political success: Let's make the case for why Donald J. Trump would be a fine leader of the free world.

It's actually easy to do, especially after chatting with some of the thoughtful people standing in line Thursday night at Drake University to see Trump, 69, headline his own rally rather than attend a Fox News debate. Contrary to the implication from some of the most vocal Trump critics in both parties, Trump supporters are not mostly bigots or morons. They are Americans fed up with the status quo in Washington, anxious about the state of the economy and country, and tired of voting for people who don't accomplish anything. They are sick of politicians.

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