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Winner and loser of the week in Florida politics



Winner of the week

Marco Rubio. As the scope of the presidential campaign hacking gains renewed and growing attention, it’s worth noting Rubio’s prescience and willingness to put country ahead of partisanship two months ago. The often cautious Rubio warned his party not to exploit hacked Clinton campaign documents spread by WikiLeaks:  “Do we really want to be a country where foreign leaders or foreign intelligence agencies can blackmail our elected officials and say to them that unless you do what we want you to do, we’re going to release emails from your campaign manager, your wife, your daughter, your son, and we’re gonna embarrass you. So unless you want to be embarrassed you better do what we want you to do. Is that what we want?” asked Rubio, who will have a big say in whether Rex Tillerson becomes the next secretary of state. “Because I’ll tell you that’s what Vladimir Putin does.”

Winner of the week II

Richard Corcoran. The Florida House Speaker from Pasco County was a pit bull protecting Florida taxpayers, suing Visit Florida because it refused to release its contract for Miami performer Pitbull to promote tourism in Florida. The Miami entertainer revealed he had been paid $1 million, Gov. Rick Scott lamely jumped on Corcoran’s bandwagon after having shown little concern about the contract’s secrecy previously, and Visit Florida’s CEO lost his job. Corcoran these days seems like the agenda-setter and strongest leader in Tallahassee.

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