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6 things Richard Nixon said the last time a Republican accepted the nomination here in Florida



In Miami Beach on Aug. 23, 1972, he spoke starting at 10:27 p.m.

1. Let us reject any philosophy that would make us the divided people of America.

2. It has become fashionable in recent years to point up what is wrong with what is called the American system. The critics contend it is so unfair, so corrupt, so unjust, that we should tear it down and substitute something else in its place. I totally disagree. I believe in the American system.

3. Our opponents believe in a different philosophy. Theirs is the politics of paternalism, where master planners in Washington make decisions for people. Ours is the politics of people--where people make decisions for themselves.

4. ... let us quit treating our senior citizens in this country like welfare recipients. They have worked hard all of their lives to build America. And as the builders of America, they have not asked for a handout. What they ask for is what they have earned--and that is retirement in dignity and self-respect. Let's give that to our senior citizens.

5. We have launched an all-out offensive against crime, against narcotics, against permissiveness in our country.

6. Let us reject therefore the policies of those who whine and whimper about our frustrations and call on us to turn inward. Let us not turn away from greatness.

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