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Breaking: It's hot in Florida in August



"Isaac has passed, returning this city back to its normal atmospheric conditions … somewhere between (a) steam room and a subway platform in Haiti," The Daily Show funnyman John Oliver said on last night's show, footage of ruins displayed behind him as a stand-in for the city's Grant Park neighborhood. "There is no place you'd rather be, particularly if you're an insect from an Indiana Jones film." It's hot here. HILARIOUS.

It's not so much that it gets so hot. It's that it stays so hot. Late in the day and into the fall. It's usually around Halloween that the heat might ease. Certainly by Thanksgiving. Then comes the reward of the winter.

For now, though, as Pete Jamison wrote in today's paper, Tampa is a place whose subtle charms are sometimes hard to detect beneath a shimmer of radiant heat. At its darkest, coldest hour, a summer night on Florida's Gulf Coast remains about as refreshing as a sponge soaked in warm dishwater. The mayor of Mesa, Ariz., tweeted on Tuesday that he got a soaked shirt and curly hair on a six-block walk. Even the protesters seemed surprised at just how hot it can get ... in the summer ... in Florida. "I won't be living in Tampa," one of them told the Times, which is fine.

Everybody needs to relax. This is what the tunnel is for.

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