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In defense of Tampa



Scott Finn of WUSF:

I find it strange that so many reporters were putting us down, because Tampa and the surrounding area, Hillsborough County, looks more like America than perhaps anywhere else.

Definitely. You can say the same thing, too, about Florida as a whole. Make fun of us and you make fun of ALL of us. The Gift of Florida: What happens in Florida is that all of what is up there somehow ends up down here, and so it's the most interstate, real estate, dredge-and-fill, boom-and-bust hothouse manifestation of the lying, climate-controlled moment when everybody in this country thought they could have it all, forever and ever. Florida is not some funhouse mirror. It is a vivid reflection. To mock is too easy.

[Last modified: Friday, August 31, 2012 2:35pm]


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