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This morning in the Tampa Bay Times



Storm out there:

The prospect of a hurricane bearing down on next week's Republican National Convention became a genuine concern Tuesday as Tropical Storm Isaac formed in the Atlantic Ocean and loomed as a threat to Florida.

... experts agree that the Republican National Convention, which officially begins Monday, probably will be affected in some way.

This, from Ken Jones, is true: "I think you live in Florida, you deal with weather." And this is not: "If an eventuality of weather occurs, we will take care of it. It will not be a problem."

Convention visitors are being encouraged to sign up for the city's Alert Tampa mass-messaging system.

Only half of Florida's delegates can vote:

The bad: The Republican National Committee won't back off cutting Florida's voting delegates from 99 to 50, and it will strip Florida of more than 160 guest passes. Nor will the Florida delegation have prime front row seats at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, as they often have had at prior conventions.

The good: Even though Florida will have only 50 voting delegates on the floor, the RNC will allow another 49 to join the delegation on the floor as "honored guests."

Times editorial: Gov. Rick Scott and his right-wing extremists in the Legislature are putting their hatred of President Barack Obama and health care reform ahead of Florida's poor children. Their rejection of a modest federal grant that has helped dozens of families in Pinellas County and hundreds statewide shamefully values rigid political ideology over the well-being of our own residents.

Larry Heinkel of St. Pete in a letter to the editor:

I'm a Republican, but for the life of me I cannot understand why taxpayers are paying even $1 for security and other costs in connection with the coming Republican National Convention. And closing down the federal courthouse? Moving county employees for two weeks? Why?

Shouldn't the party be paying us to reimburse us for the costs and troubles?

Found yesterday on a roof in downtown Tampa: ... a pile of bricks and a stenciled painting of Guy Fawkes next to the number "99."

Know who else is coming to town next week? Joe Biden.

The theme of Tuesday at the Tampa Bay Times Forum: We Built It.

Mike Van Sickler on the party platform: Immigration is one of the toughest issues for the Republican Party to navigate.

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