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Reader Lauren Berns of St. Pete over on Facebook responding to this morning's Politico story on Mitt Romney: I just don't see that we've had as much "hero worship" as the right keeps saying we've had. I can't tell you how many times (from folks who are deeply influenced by the right-wing media machine) I've heard about Obama-worship on the left. But, as someone who reads a lot of stuff from the left and has a lot of friends on the left, I can attest that there hasn't been much "worship" of Obama coming from that quarter. To whatever extent it existed in the wake of the election of the first African-American president, it disappeared when Obama decided to abandon the single-payer option without the hint of a fight: that was EARLY in his presidency, and every decision of his since has been seen through the prism of that "betrayal" on his part. Also, I think, if you've really paid attention to what Obama has said and done since the moment he took office, this statement could be applied directly to Obama: "[he] sees life, business and governing as an exercise in problem-solving, not connecting with a truck driver in Ohio, true believers [on the left] and even his own staff." While Obama has "connected" with some folks, if that was the thing he was most interested in, most of his decisions would have looked significantly different over the years. The one, obvious, bald bit of pandering to an interest group that I've seen (the decision to halt deportations of now-adult illegals who've been here since they were children) has come quite recently and looks like election year politics, not any "tell" into Obama's true intentions or governing style.

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