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Plenty to discuss postmortem



Totally agree here with the Times' Tom Jones:

1. But when it comes to political conventions, all the cities run together. They all look the same. To the average viewer watching at home, especially those not associated with this area, Tampa might as well have been Charlotte, N.C., or Atlanta or Memphis or St. Louis.

2. Viewers never learned about our traditions and culture — from Cuban sandwiches to cigars to our beaches.

3. We even got shortchanged by Jon Stewart. I was so looking forward to seeing Tampa skewered by the brilliant Daily Show host and all we got were the same old cliches about humidity, strippers and roaches. Really, Jon?

So much talk in the months leading up to the convention about the "priceless" value of exposure. So dubious. A temporal boost at best. The city is just backdrop. It's green screen.

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