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Q&A with the stripper who ... imitates Sarah Palin



The Tampa Bay Times' Stephanie Hayes with Lisa Ann in today's tbt*:

People said, "You look so much like Sarah Palin." I wear my hair back a lot and I wear these glasses. I was aware of who she was. But when Hustler called and said "We came up with the name Nailin' Paylin," I just loved the name. It was the day of the vice presidential debate. I wanted to go home and watch it. It gave me a good two hours to see her mannerisms. Tell me that when she walked out in that shiny black suit, we didn't all lose our minds. I have a lot of respect for Hilary Clinton. She's a wonderful politician, because it always felt like if you're a woman in politics that you would work hard at being viewed for your knowledge and not your looks. Well, here comes the opposite approach. She has fake eyelashes and this shiny black suit. This woman is not trying to fight off that role, and she's kind of going for this sexy role. I don't know if you watched Game Change on HBO. How good was that movie? I watched it the first time it aired on the east coast and no one was allowed to talk. Sarah was really grabbed for the attention that she was going to pull, and that's exactly what she was going to do.

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