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The Republicans' immigration conundrum



What jumped out at me in Mike Van Sickler's story in this morning's Tampa Bay Times:

1. Getting tough on undocumented workers appeals to the party's sizable law-and-order contingent. Yet easing the borders so that workers from other countries can perform low-wage or high-tech jobs is popular with the party's business-minded members.

2. "Illegal alien is the correct term to use," Kobach said. "Now there are some politically correct terms that people like to use, but I made the point that platform should be legally precise."

3. "It damages the Republican brand if Kobach gets his words in the platform," Bailey said. "The vocal minority is winning on this."

More about the platform: No such argument when it comes to abortion. Politico: GOP rejects rape exception in platform. Here's how the Washington Post puts it: ... would appear to be incompatible with exceptions when pregnancies result from rape or incest. Says New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal: The draft is more aggressive than any I have seen in its opposition to women’s reproductive rights and gay rights.

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