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The RNC tunnel



The temporary tunnel runs from Franklin Street near the convention center to almost the entrance of the Forum. The tunnel is made of all white material. Some parts feel like fabric but more parts feel like plastic. The ground in the tunnel is covered with thin blue mini golf grass. The only illumination in the tunnel comes from a series of hydra-like lights that look like they came from Ikea, the bulbs red, white and blue. The tunnel is air conditioned. Air conditioning is an invention, Marsha E. Ackerman once wrote, that "tamed the nation's anarchic seasons and imposed uniformity" within an environment that's naturally chaotic and diverse. Air conditioning lets us pretend that it's not. Here, this seems to be the point of the tunnel, but it isn't that cold. It's not really working. The air in the tunnel feels increasingly stagnant and stale.

[Last modified: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 8:37am]


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