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Romney and Ryan and how to talk about religion



Here's what Paul Ryan said last night:

Mitt and I also go to different churches. But in any church, the best kind of preaching is done by example. And I’ve been watching that example. The man who will accept your nomination tomorrow is prayerful and faithful and honorable. Not only a defender of marriage, he offers an example of marriage at its best. Not only a fine businessman, he’s a fine man, worthy of leading this optimistic and good-hearted country.

Our different faiths come together in the same moral creed. We believe that in every life there is goodness; for every person, there is hope.  Each one of us was made for a reason, bearing the image and likeness of the Lord of Life.

Politico in today's Tampa Bay Times: Romney has run the least biographically anchored campaign of any presidential nominee in recent history, declining to present his own fleshed-out accounts of his time at Bain Capital, his time as a bishop in the Mormon church, or his term as Massachusetts governor. I wonder if he will actually drop the M word tonight. Jeb Bush says he should. People might not care as much as they once did. Seems to me religion is really important to a lot of Americans, especially Republicans, including Romney. He just hasn't wanted to talk about it much. Because it's not quite the right kind. In a brief preview of Thursday night's speeches, Republican officials told the AP that members of the Mormon church, former business associates of Romney and past Olympic athletes will help introduce him. Fox News thinks the "media" has declared open season on Romney's religion, referring to the Obama campaign's David Axelrod as a maharishi, which is a great Hindu sage or spiritual leader.

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