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Three thoughts on the speeches of the RNC



1. The most talked about speech of the convention was the one in which a disheveled Clint Eastwood spoke to an empty chair. This means bad things for Republicans and worse things for Americans.

2. Marco Rubio's speech was the best of the week. It wasn't even close. Politico compiled five good lines but didn't pick what was my favorite part:

My Dad used to tell us: "En este pais, ustedes van a poder lograr todas las cosas que nosotros no pudimos" "In this country, you will be able to accomplish all the things we never could."
A few years ago during a speech, I noticed a bartender behind a portable bar at the back of the ballroom. I remembered my father who had worked for many years as a banquet bartender.
He was grateful for the work he had, but that's not the life he wanted for us.
He stood behind a bar in the back of the room all those years, so one day I could stand behind a podium in the front of a room.

I would've snipped that last "of a room" and ended on "front." Better period punch. Still, though, I was listening standing up in the lower level of the Forum, and when he said that my eyes got wet. It was the only time that happened all week.

3. Which is disappointing. What happened to speeches? Eastwood's speech was exceptional because it was so regrettable and Rubio's speech was exceptional because it was ... good. The rest were awful. Worse than silence. They said nothing and said it poorly.

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