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Welcome to the death metal capital of America



No bolita reference but I do love this story from Reuters:

When they convene in Tampa to nominate Mitt Romney for president next week, Republicans will not hear a note from the city's most notable musical exports: death-metal bands such as Deicide and Obituary.

The South Bronx hatched hip-hop and Seattle birthed grunge rock. Tampa gave the world death metal, a boundary-pushing style of heavy rock that features lyrics that can be decidedly anti-Christian.

Some say it's ironic that a party that includes large numbers of religious conservatives would hold its convention in the city that fostered a musical genre known for album titles like "To Hell With God" and "Butchered At Birth."

Pretty classic first three paragraphs. This subhead too: NOT A SELLING POINT. Also, there are quotes from the lead singer of Morbid Angel, the drummer from Deicide and the bassist from Cannibal Corpse -- so sincerest kudos to Andy Sullivan, the Reuters reporter. Host committee CEO Ken Jones, who grew up in New Port Richey, by the way, might say he doesn't know anything about death metal, but it is part of what makes Tampa Tampa.

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