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Why Ann Romney is important



Politico's Roger Simon in today's Tampa Bay Times:

Romney lacks a story. Voters like candidates with stories. John McCain was a war hero and Vietnam POW. Hillary Clinton was a very smart woman who had put up with a cheating husband and a glass ceiling and seemed more than qualified to be the first woman to sit in the Oval Office. Barack Obama was the black child of a single mother who went to college, worked on the mean streets of Chicago and then went off to law school and politics.

Stories. Americans love stories. But what is Mitt Romney's story? The son of the chairman of American Motors and then governor of Michigan, Mitt grows up in wealth, attends a swank prep school where he cuts off the hair of a gay student, goes to Bordeaux rather than Vietnam, goes to law school, enters the world of business and high finance and makes a fortune.

Where's the story in that?

So ... Ann Romney: "I want to talk to you about love." Said Bruce Azevedo, 59, a Georgia delegate: "She's the humanizer."

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