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Will the RNC in Tampa in August help the GOP in Florida in November?



The chair of the Republican Party of Florida says yes.

The chair of the Florida Democratic Party says no.

The mayor of Tampa says nothing.

The state chair of Common Cause says who cares.

Of the responses in this Florida Voices roundtable facilitated by Frank Bentayou, the answer, from University of Florida political science professor Richard Scher, feels the most right: "Nobody knows what effect having the Republican National Convention in Tampa will have on Florida voting. What we do know is that when a political party choses its site, if nothing else, it is making a symbolic gesture that says to the people in the region, 'We’d like to have your votes. We’re reaching out to you.' But that is a symbolic gesture. No one has ever demonstrated in studies a correlation between the site of the convention and the voting behavior of people who live near there."

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