Monday, February 19, 2018
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Get ready for a crazy week in college football

Buckle up. It should be a busy week around here when it comes to coaching changes in college football.

Even a few months ago, who would've thought that Florida, Florida State, USF and UCF all could have new coaches by Christmas?

Who would've thought that Jimbo Fisher could be leaving and that Willie Taggart could be returning?

The state of Florida has become the supermarket for college coaches.

The madness has already started. Dan Mullen has been hired as Florida's new coach, just a month after Jim McElwain was fired.

Now comes word that Jimbo might be leaving FSU for Texas A&M and a whopping salary of $8 million a year.

And if that happens, it's possible the Taggart, the former USF coach now at Oregon, could be No. 1 on FSU's wish list.

Meantime, UCF's Scott Frost seems headed back home to Nebraska and now expect to start hearing more rumors about USF coach Charlie Strong. With Greg Schiano having the job pulled out from under him in Tennessee, don't be shocked if the Vols take a long look at Strong.

If all this happens, what does it all mean?

Good for Florida. Mullen will do a commendable job. Not a great hire, but a good one after whiffing on Chip Kelly and Frost.

Bad for FSU. How can you let Fisher get away? And do you trust Taggart, whose best line on his resume was going 11-2 at USF and winning the Birmingham Bowl, to keep FSU going? The guy has had a meteoric rise and I'm not sure he's good enough for FSU at the moment after one mediocre 7-5 season at Oregon.

Bad for UCF. Frost was a home run hire. Hard to imagine it can duplicate that.

Bad for USF. Strong brings the Bulls stability and consistency. USF might have to get used to a revolving door on the coach's office.

Bad for the state of Florida. All these comings and goings make us long for the old days when you knew the Bowden, Spurrier and Leavitt had the situation under control.

These days, even Lane Kiffin could be on the move.

Told ya to buckle up.

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